What A Name

I have never found another name that matches this one
A name that inspires faith and hope and transmits peace to all
A name that was sent down from the Lord, a gift from Heaven
A name we rejected never knowing it brings life
We can find healing in this name
We need simply to ask (simply to ask)
And salvation is found in it
This name covers our sin
Through the life that surrounds this name
We receive the forgiveness it brings
Glorious name like no other
It’s Jesus our Lord!

Jesus, Jesus
It’s a name that brings peace amidst the storm!
Jesus, Jesus
Whoever calls on this name
Will find love and joy untold

You can act just as if you have no need for such a Savior
Or bury your head down in the sand so you don’t have to hear
No matter how hard you try you just can’t make Him leave you
No matter the ditch you’re in, His love will bring you home
This name longs to claim your heart
Reign supreme in your life (in your life)
And this name has chosen you to live forever with Him
Far above this blue sky we can see
There’s a place just for you and for me
It’s the center of glory
It’s Jesus our Lord!


Whoever calls on this name
Will find love and joy untold.

© 1997 Words and Music by Jader D. Santos
English Translation by Adonirei Alvarenga

All rights reserved.  Used by permission.