I Am Not My Own

I had strayed so far from Jesus’ feet
I turned away from the light that one day gave me hope
Still the Lord, reached out with unending grace
His amazing love overwhelmed my soul
And to my surprise, my old self died

I am not my own, Jesus lives in me (in me)
I am not my own, I’ve surrendered all
When I met the Lord and I crowned Him king
Unexpected things occurred
I no longer live, Jesus lives in me

I belong completely to the Lord
I find peace when I live according to His will
Now I know, His hand healed my broken life
His amazing love, has redeemed my soul
And forever I will praise His name


The one I was no longer is (I was no longer am)
And the past is left behind (left behind)
I live life now in the shadow of perfect love (perfect love)

So if sin knocks on my door (if sin knocks on my door)
And persists to tease me back (to tease me back)
I will say that life is over!
It has died and now Christ lives!

I am not my own (I’m not my own)
I am not my own (I’m not my own)
Jesus lives in me (He lives in me)

© 2000 Words and Music by Jader D. Santos
English Translation by Adonirei Alvarenga

All rights reserved.  Used by permission.