Edvaldo (Eddy) Alvarenga is a COPE Certified Health Coach. He is married to Adonirei (Donni) Alvarenga and has twin daughters, Zoe and Leilani, who were born in May, 2010.

Eddy was born in Brazil. He has enjoyed music since a very early age. He began singing in church at the age of 7, performing either solo special music or participating in the children’s choir. His biggest musical influences growing up were the Heritage Singers, the groups Telepaz, Renascer, and Prisma Brasil. After watching both his mother and sister be involved in musical groups, he determined he would one day also start his own vocal group. He achieved that dream as teenager when he started the group “Centelha,” which means “spark of fire” in Portuguese. The group which Eddy was the musical director lasted 11 years and influenced a whole generation of singers in the 1990s, while it also shared the gospel with many people who gave their hearts to the Lord.

His passion for music and ministry led him to record three albums with Centelha. His experience in the studio as an Executive Producer and singer opened the door for him to earn some money while in college recording commercial jingles.

In 1998, Eddy moved to Orlando, FL to marry the love of his life. In 1999, he directed a men’s choir in Apopka, FL and later a mixed choir in the same church.

Also in 1999, he co founded Calvary’s Light, along with David and Frank.

In 2010, Calvary’s Light recorded its first album with Eddy and David as the Co-Executive Producers.

Eddy sings Lead and Baritone on Calvary’s Light.