David Rodman is an accountant for a christian nursing home company in Orlando, Florida, and elder in his church. In his spare time, you might catch David playing with audio equipment or find him at a golf course with his son and father-in-law.

David was born and raised near Springfield, Missouri. With much of his childhood spent on the family sheep farm, he has first-hand knowledge of the sheep and shepard relationship described in the Bible. He met his wife, Becky, while attending a Christian college near Chattanooga, Tennessee, and moved to Orlando, Florida upon graduation. Their son, David Lee, joined the family in 1995.

Music has been an important part of David’s life, first with choir, then playing clarinet in the band. He has always had a fascination with the four-part male harmonies of barbershop quartets and groups such as The Oak Ridge Boys, Statler Brothers, Gaither Vocal Band, Chosen Few, and Acapella. He was especially interested in the bass voice.

He understands that music can have a powerful influence on one’s life, and desires to share the gospel through song for the glory of God.

David sings Bass for Calvary’s Light.